Your Name. ★★★½

This was very charming. I enjoyed this more than I expected. Despite hearing what others were saying about it - and I could see myself appreciating this film even more over time.

I'm surprised with my reaction too. Because there's been Japanese animated movies in which I've loved. But for some reason I didn't feel those set expectations for this film - despite past experiences.

As you can probably tell by the rating though. I didn't fall over loving this movie like most. But there is so much in this that deserves high praise and appreciation.

Examples would be the stunningly beautiful animation. This film had some gorgeous shots. It really amazed me at a few moments. It was arguably the most impressive element about this film. But I did like the story.

It's a very heartfelt story. It wasn't as powerful for me as it was with others. But I can see and understand the level of affect it can have on viewers. It's because of how well it's told and how original the story is. Never seen anything like this before. It's a special one for so many.

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