Gone Girl

Gone Girl ★★★★½

I have a deep fear of being falsely accused of a serious crime, and can't stand characters digging themselves deeper unbeknownst to themselves, so I could barely watch some of the 'cringier' moments of this. I think this is why Ben Affleck is such good casting here - he's always been a bit too big and dopey to be a truly great actor, so he's the perfect target for such pointed character assassination, as well as his eventual comeback. Although it doesn't reach quite the heady heights of 'Zodiac', the story was engrossing in its twists and turns, especially once we finally learn what happened to Amy from her own perspective. The ending was strange in what could be considered an anticlimax, but felt somewhat suitable to the themes of the film - is Fincher proposing that all relationships are shams to an extent, and Amy has simply brought all the underlying violence and distrust to its natural conclusion? Who knows, man.

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