Battle of the Year ★½

Like every other dance movie Battle of the Year is practically unwatchable during everything but the dance sequences. Josh Holloway stars as a washed-up basketball coach who is hired to assemble an all-American dream team to compete in the world B-Boy championships. Can he unite a team of individuals in time for the big showdown? I’m on the edge of my seat.

Directed by Benson Lee (his documentary Planet B-Boy was inspiration for this fictional film) it falls into all the familiar dance movie traps of hiring bad actors to deliver awful dialogue. Even Chris Brown turns up and he’s not even the worst thing about the film. However, nobody watches these movies for the fantastic characters and performances. Instead they watch them for the dancing.

Unfortunately, Battle of the Year often falls short in this crucial department too. Some of the choreography is impressive but the dance numbers are far too infrequent. Instead you have to suffer through cheesy motivational speeches and crappy macho posturing for nearly two hours. A lot of the routines are also very repetitive until they get to the main tournament.

If you must watch this film (and I would advise against it) just skip to the final twenty minutes.