Bob the Butler

If the postman had done his job today I wouldn’t have had to resort to watching this film but when in desperate need for something new to watch I’ll make the personal sacrifice and force myself to watch a Tom Green movie. This is a very different Tom Green to the one in Freddy Got Fingered. Sure, he’s still cinematic cancer but in Bob the Butler he has reined in his usual tics and brand of comedy. It is a very odd performance and he seems like he is in physical pain as he tries to keep his act buttoned down.

In the film, Green plays a man incapable of holding down a job for more than a few days. Having exhausted all the ‘A’ jobs and most of the ‘Bs’ too, he finally tries his hand at butlering. Predictably he is also pretty terrible at this new job too but manages to keep it due to help from the bratty kids and an absent employer (Brooke Shields looking like she wants to end it all if she has to continue starring in films like this).

I’m not quite sure who this film is really aimed at. The plot and most of the humour seems directed at a family market yet Green manages to deliver a few knob and tit gags as if the director had turned his back for five minutes and hoped nobody would notice. Bob the Butler is a frequently painful experience full of terrible attempts at humour, lackadaisical performances and a plot that consists of every movie cliche known to man. Woeful.