Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters

I hated the first Percy Jackson movie so much that I’d tried to avoid the sequel for as long as possible. Unfortunately, with it finally appearing on Sky Premiere I had to bite the bullet and endure yet another derivative family adventure film. Sadly it doesn’t seem as if they’ve learnt from the mistakes of the first film as once again they’ve delivered a film devoid of personality and excitement.

Based on Rick Riordan’s series of novels (which I’m reliably informed by my nephew are much better than the films), the stories blend Greek mythology with the modern world as the son of Poseidon (Percy) and his annoying band of buddies go on familiar adventures from Greek legend. This time Percy and his posse, now including his half-brother who is also a cyclops, must embark on a quest to find the Golden Fleece in order to save their home.

The plot and characters barely matter here as they are used to string together a series of uninspired set pieces that rip-off far greater source material. Every moment in this sorry and excruciatingly long film feels familiar making it a dreary affair to sit through. New director, Thor Freudenthal (Hotel for Dogs), may have a mythic name but he fails to bring any sense of excitement or wonder to this tale.

The script is arguably the film’s biggest issue with every line of dialogue filled with dunderheaded exposition. It completely fails to establish these characters as individuals. In fact every character is utterly forgettable whether it is Percy’s pals or the film’s chief antagonist who is so bland you forget who he is whenever he goes off screen. Percy is also a dullard with daddy issues and played without an ounce of charisma by Logan Lerman. Even the big name stars of the first film have wisely abandoned ship for this soporific stinker.

Thank Zeus that a third film seems incredibly unlikely.