Before Midnight

Before Midnight ★★★★★

"We're not fighting, we're negotiating."

The Before trilogy is probably the most beautiful and heartwrecking story about love I've ever seen or read. But if the first two ones is lovely and warm, the third one is more cold and painful. Jesse and Celine are married and have two adorable daughters and it's great how to watch how they interact with each other but when they tease each other it doesn't feel like a it's a harmful joke anymore, it feels like they want to hurt each other. They don't talk philosophy much anymore, mostly what they talk about is issues of the day. They're having problems, they're fighting and the main part of the movie is them fighting and you cringing because it's always really painful to see people whom you love fighting over some shit like that because you know that they love each other. And when they teasing each other in the last scene it's like the magic of the first two films comes back into this movie and their lives.

Before Midnight is a perfect and truthful movie about love, womanhood and marriage with profound performances and some of the best blocking I've ever seen, it's like a Hitchcock level of great blocking. Bravo, Richard Linklater, and thank you for creating the very best trilogy of all-time.

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