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This review may contain spoilers.

julia ducournau's deranged mind of a visionary takes an idea of hunger for flesh on a whole new level of fucked up that can remind you of cronenberg's crush, tetsuo: the iron man but for me mostly of miike's gozu. both have characters who in the beginning are being seen as men, but later in a movie we see them as women while criticizing hyper-masculinity in yakuza (gozu) or fire department (titane). for obvious reasons gozu has more disturbing and weird scenes that titane but considering the fact that this is a european movie that's just insane. and even though i've seen a lot of fucked-up japanese movies, titane still surprised me a lot.

as disturbing and uncomfortable was raw, now it feels like raw was just a bite of the fuckery julia has in her head (that's a compliment btw). titane however feels like a whole meal of fucked-up scenarios, but at the same time the movie has some very heartwarming scenes... that followed by some fuckery once again. the scenes and what they depict can vary from something so humane like a found family when your biological failed to do their job, wanting to care and to be cared of (y'know, the heartwarming part), and something obviously fucked-up, like being a serial killer with a knitting needle, getting impregnated by a cadillac and seeing hyper-masculine firemen being confusedly aroused by a striptease from their co-worker who they think is a man (yeah, the movie also has a gender-fluid theme). titane is definitely one of the wildest and profound movies you will ever see.

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