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  • Black Swan
  • Black Christmas
  • God Bless America
  • The Perfect Man

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  • The Century of the Self

  • Christmas on Salvation Street

  • Judgment

  • Tribulation

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  • Christmas on Salvation Street

    Christmas on Salvation Street

    "You see that lil girl over there? That's my daughter, Brianna. I bet she's ready for some cake."

    Inspired by the success of the Lifetime trope, CoSS is actually a project set up by the illuminati to see if humans could sit through a 90 minute unedited masterpiece without noticing that a 16 year old was cast in the role of a 6 year old child who doesn't know that stealing is considered bad.

  • Revelation


    One man and the antichrist attempt to destroy the world by concealing a single line of code from part-time night at the apollo act and hackerman, Spino (not David Sherratt), who doesn't realise that humans are made of meat.

    They can't let the haters win.

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