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  • Hellboy



    HELLBOY is nooooot metal. it is pop alt rock and it is so so so so so so so bad. it has a smug high school bully tone that just plain blows. vfx are at a cinematic an all-time low. i think one of the demons glitched at one point...i really don’t know if there’s one redeemable aspect of this movie. it just fucking sucks. not even in a fun way. it’s supremely boring and empty.

  • Sunset



    fractured mystery in fragmented form—blurred chaos, silence, devastation. the production design and cinematography are stunning. nemes is a master.

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  • Vice



    'Vice' is a wild ride. It dismantles normative narrative structure with an inventive approach and a whip-crack whit, hopping back and forth through Cheney's deeply reviling life while digging into it with a heavy dose of social and political critique. McKay's screenplay and direction are overflowing with energy. He draws out remarkable performances from his characters. Bale, Adams, and Carell are standouts in the already impressive crowd. It's ruthless towards its subject, but in a way that seems fair when…

  • Dragged Across Concrete

    Dragged Across Concrete


    so many difficult feelings about this movie existing in the first place. love zahler as a director. his meta-commentary is worth reading into on multiple levels. but there's also a lot to criticize on a larger, philosophical ethics level. like, WHY THE FUCK IS MEL GIBSON STILL WORKING.

    re: the actual content of the movie--i love how committed zahler was to that sloooooow pace. it made for a really immersive tailing experience. he's able to draw the motivation and depth…