Gone Girl

Gone Girl

Fincher has done it again, creating a terrifying, intriguing, excellent mystery thriller. Penned by the author of the same title, Gillian Flynn makes her brilliant source even more absorbing and shocking. After loving the novel by Flynn and being a great admirer of Fincher's work. I knew I was in for something special, also that once again Reznor and Ross are back with Fincher to create a chilling, atmospheric score underlining the film, fitting it perfectly.

The performances are what seal the deal, Ben Affleck is growing as an actor, perhaps his best performance in recent years. Rosamund Pike is fantastic and steals the show with her Oscar-worthy performance. Also newcomer Carrie Coon, who plays Affleck's on-screen sister is another that shows real quality to the character. There are some surprisingly great performances that I wouldn't expect, especially Tyler Perry playing a much more serious part, showing that he can act in a real role. Neil Patrick Harris also did well, while I was unsure about his casting and his performance early on but he grew into the role.

The themes and structure of the novel fit so well to Fincher's style, which means it feels like it was destined to be done by him. That it may have been a different film or just failed to execute the material in the right tone if it was in another director's hands. It had to be done to a meticulous craft of a film, that can only be a Fincher film. The story is so layered that it is filled with enough backstory and personality. The pacing is done so well, to have a film that is 2 and half hours long, you don't feel the runtime or it dragging.

As always with Fincher, the cinematography is immaculate and very impressive as his frequent DoP, Jeff Cronenworth is at the helm, making this look stunning. This was just top-notch Fincher.

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