Rye Lane

Rye Lane ★★★★

Rye Lane is dealing with a very familiar setup of the dynamic of someone after a breakup or at least trying to get out of a relationship by happenstance finding the "one" has been done before a lot. So the question becomes what does this film have to bring to it? Well quite a bit. The leads are charming with eccentric, but not overdone characters who breathe fresh life into potentially tired tropes. They're unique but believable, and more importantly quite wonderful together. Director Raine Allen-Miller doesn't sit still though bringing her own eccentricity in the visual style, which is very bright, colorful and in its own way eccentric. Although every unique flair worked for me, most did in crafting a unique landscape for this story. My only major reservation is the third act, is the standard third act, and the key to this is either do something new, or do it in a way that makes you forget that it's old. The film didn't do either, hitting the beats pretty expectedly and where I found the sudden conflict a bit forced compared to the natural interactions that we saw through the film. Doesn't derail it, but I could see the paces at a certain point rather than being absorbed in them. And I guess that leaves this not quite reinventing its genre, but through all its great qualities, does offer a remarkable entry into it. 

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