Scream VI

Scream VI

scream vi was filmed in the city i live in, montreal. as a huge fan of the franchise, obviously i went to see the set a few times. i assisted to scenes between jenna ortega & melissa barrera, then another day i saw hayden panettiere, mason gooding & jasmin savoy brown. the last time my friend & i went, jenna ortega & melissa barrera saw us walking outside, they stuck their head out of the window of a building and THEY TALKED TO US!! (see the video of our interaction here).. we were freaking out, we couldn't believe what was happening, they were the kindest girls in the world. we talked with the actresses for a bit then not long after, we got to discuss with one of the directors, he told us how much he loved our city and appreciated us fans for supporting the movie, he was genuinely so sweet. anyway, it feels nice to finally be able to share this story, i really was extremely lucky. this incredible & surreal experience as a fan just made me love the film & the franchise even more.

*update: i'm at a bar right now and scream 1 just finished playing on the tv and now scream 2 is on 😭 right after i saw the new one & while i'm wearing my scream shirt.. this is destiny*

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