American Honey

American Honey ★★★★½

30 Female Directors

No one ever asked the kids in American Honey about their dreams. It's not so much that this group of teenagers is indifferent to each other, their futures, and those around them, as it has never occurred to them questions about dreams can apply to them too. The kids take on work that mirrors how their lives have always been and what they expect out of life.

I found myself thinking back to another film I watched recently. Ladybird is a film about a teenage girl coming of age and believing she is poor. She treats everyone in her life pretty crappy because she has a hard time dealing with how she feels. American Honey tells the story of a teenage girl coming of age and she really is poor. However, she doesn't treat others crappy in spite of the fact that she has come to expect life to generally treat her crappy. While both are good films, I feel like some interesting parallels rest below the surface of these two films.

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