Burning ★★★★½

Based on Haruki Murakami's short story "Barn Burning", Burning is the kind of adaption that is hard to find - a wonderful companion piece to the source material. It expands on the places where the short story meanders away, highlights the strongest parts, and worries more about following the atmosphere of the story than the actual details.

I've read much of Murakami's works: novels, short stories, non-fiction. And each time I pick one up I wonder why I am picking up another one. A mixture of magical realism and mundane details with a helping of cats, there always seems to be at least one main male character obsessed with a woman and that really turns me off his work. But, outside of that, his writing can be haunting.

It's too difficult to discuss Burning's details without giving away the mystery. But in this adaption, I finally found a way to enjoy one of his works. In the short story, the sense of melancholy which gives way to regret which gives way to dread did not come through for me. It was readily apparent in Burning, however.

I absolutely need to see more films with Steven Jeun in them too.

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