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  • Isa Pa, with Feelings

    Isa Pa, with Feelings


    As singularly lovely the first time around. A Filipino mainstream film founded purely on emotion is rare and here, Prime Cruz shows us exactly why in a manner profound and affectionate; conceiving a quality almost impossible to be defined. All because it has to be felt for it to be known, and to resonate.

    Will give this another review when it comes out on Netflix this December.

    For the meantime, you can read my original review penned last year here: bit.ly/35Enumb

  • Exes Baggage

    Exes Baggage


    EXES BAGGAGE has its ways to win over its audience. It isn't too eager, but smooth in its gestures that you won't even know you've caught its zest. Such zest is oozy, and largely contributed by lead stars, Angelica Panganiban and Carlo Aquino who carry the entire film on their backs as the millennial couple Pia and Nix. Not that that's entirely a bad thing, but it does signal something: there's something lacking here. Indeed there is, and that could…

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  • Minari



    Took me hours to REALLY process what I have just seen, but anyway...

    MINARI offers the warmth you’d get from Kore-eda’s cinema. There’s comfort here as much there is pain. While familiarity resides, Lee Isaac Chung’s direction is potent and sweeping. A huge something you’d crave more in modern American filmmaking.

    Still mustering all the words to gather for a review, but that’s what I have for now. Hoping y’all could see this when it finally arrives. Advance happy birthday to me, indeed!

  • Nobody Knows

    Nobody Knows


    Pakyu ka, Kore-eda.
    No one tells stories concerning human tragedy like him.

    [review coming upon 2nd viewing bc as you can see, I wasn't prepared for this tragical wonder of a masterful Japanese drama]