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  • Moonlight



    “it dont mean nothing if they dont know it” very true n very beautiful line 

    bought the screenplay book a few days ago and i can’t wait to read it aaaaa <3 this film forever

  • Paris Blues

    Paris Blues


    Its narrative isn't anything too special, though is an extremely endearing watch; with complements of jazz music, interlaced with the artistic integrity and ambition of a musician. Paris Blues captures the unparalleled beauty of Paris in a number of frames; easily magnifying its busy yet sweet streets. All four leads have charisma on screen to some extent - particularly Paul Newman - but overall there isn't much to rely on due to the lackadaisical screenplay. Paris Blues is a charming film, and I'd probably watch it again if I'm in the mood for a simple and solemn romance.

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  • Call Me by Your Name

    Call Me by Your Name

    After months of me begging my parents to finally watch this film that I hold so dear to not only my heart but also to my identity in terms of my perception, they finally gave in and suffice to say, they were far from disappointed. My mom is still giddy about it to this day; how in love Elio was with Oliver and one of the main reasons being his intellectual capacity and his gentleness as a man. My dad…

  • Her



    Dubbed the best film of 2013, and deservingly so; from the surface Her explores the character of Theodore Twombly, and his AI Samantha, as they fall in love with each other. Both characters strive for something: Samantha strives to feel, to be alive, to be real — in the most literal sense — and Theodore on the other hand strives to just be loved again. The acting in this film is phenomenal, and it goes without saying that Joaquin is…