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  • 12 Angry Men
  • Casablanca
  • Life of Brian
  • Kwaidan

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  • Heavy Metal 2000

    Heavy Metal 2000

    I watched Heavy Metal again before watching this for the first time, and it really feels like a pale imitation. The music isn't as memorable, the characters aren't as memorable, the animation doesn't look as good (there's parts that look like a cheap and dated CGI, which just doesn't have the sense of 'style' so much as 'limitations'), the story even seems weaker.

    There is also that while Heavy Metal clearly has sexual content, there's something that feels a bit…

  • Ed Wood

    Ed Wood


    Having seen some of Ed Wood's films already (Glen or Glenda, Plan 9 From Outer Space), one of the great selling points here was that there's a genuine, sincere ineptitude that is present in how Ed Wood is portrayed here. I think there's a lot of filmmakers that fall into this, where they're sure doing their best, but they're not necessarily doing it 'well'. And they're not going to, they're never going to do well, but there's a charm in…

Popular reviews

  • Up



    If it wasn't for WALL-E having come out the previous year, Up would've been the major proof that Pixar could tell compelling story without words. As it is, the opening still does an amazing job with showing how much they could say without words. The montage of Carl and Ellie's lives together is done beautifully. This is also the first Pixar film that I've really noticed does a good job with memorable camerawork.

    The rest of the story I do…

  • Rock 'n' Roll High School

    Rock 'n' Roll High School


    I'm very pleasantly surprised with Rock 'n' Roll High School, and I think that's because this has a rather good mix of mostly taking itself seriously (not in the sense that it's not a comedy, but that it's following fairly standard rules most of the time, this isn't constantly zany and pushing outside of a reasonable idea of reality), and then every so often it does something a bit more extreme, like what this does with mice or that one…