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This review may contain spoilers.

“her energy, when it shines on you its addictive is the word for it” 

7 months and 8 days ago, i woke up to a notification of a trailer on youtube, SUSPIRIA, by luca guadagnino - starring dakota johnson and tilda swinton. my eyes opened and i reread it thinking, this is not possible? it cant be! then, with my heart thumping and my eyes watering, i watched it. i was witnessing something greater than anything i had seen before, and i had this feeling, i cannot describe it. and when it was finished. i was crying and i knew: this movie was about to be something big. 

“i felt i had to see you”

so months passed, my anticipation growing, my patience for other films being tested. clips slowly pouring out and i realized i was falling in love with this film. then, my life took a turn for the worst. i went through major dark stuff, all ill say, i was diagnosed with severe depression, again. but what was there for me while i healed? what was my true medicine and where my mind turned when i needed something i didnt have. SUSPIRIA. i was called obsessed, wanting to copy susies outfit, watching the trailers and clips again and again. i was addicted. then, ticket sales slowly rolled out. i was so excited for it come near me, so i could experience it in theaters. but, heart shatteringly enough. it didnt. i was going to have wait even longer to see it. it tested me, but it was worth it. so skip to now. january 12th, is the day i have been reborn. i have opened again. i breathe again. before watching, i had never truly understood the expression, thrilling, or a ride. but after SUSPIRIA, which is no doubt the best film i have ever seen in my entire life, i understand those. i was thrilled. my hands trembled. my heart shot back and forth beating faster than ever. my face throbbed and tears poured out of my eyes. i was experiencing something unlike anything ive ever seen. dakota johnson, gave the performance of a lifetime, if she retired, it would be okay because she gave a performance beyond great. tilda swinton played not one, not two, but THREE characters. and she wont be considered for best supporting actress. what a shame. what a shame people aren’t recognizing this masterpiece. luca guadagnino. bravo! bravo luca! you have created a phenomenal work of ART, not vanity, that will live on forever in so many peoples hearts as a masterpiece. this is what art should be. thrilling, and fun. beautiful, and deadly. the noise i made when death rolled on screen, i may as well have screamed. i was laughing. that was a badass scene. i cried 8 times, the most during the end. susie is mother. death to any other mother. please, i beg you. watch this film. experience something beyond our capabilities. witness the dawn of dakota johnson, and tilda swintons best performance. you wont regret it. BLANC! forever.

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