Philomena ★★★★

Judi Dench was absolutely phenomenal in Philomena. There’s no other way I would want to start describing this film. I was so convinced with her performance that the brilliance settled in only a few hours after the film was over as I was replaying some of the scenes from memory. That’s how much Dench’s portrayal of Philomena Lee effortlessly drives the story forward. Steve Coogan also masterfully adopted Martin Sixsmith’s relentless personality and made this film an absolute treat to watch.

I am extremely fond of the up-close and personal cinematography that this film so beautifully employed, merely because of the fact that it allows the viewer to emotionally indulge themselves in the story even though the memoirs are being narrated through a series of projected images on a flat surface. Couple that with the subtle yet unrelenting soundtrack that simply sings out the tune of innocence yet reminds you of the evils we humans have created for ourselves, and you've got a film that checks all the boxes of inspiring filmmaking.

Honestly, I was expecting the telling of an emotion-driven story, but what I was presented with was so much more.

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