Scream ★★★½

Those first 13-minutes are unbearably good. Then a horny Skeet Ulrich pops his gross head into a window and brings the pacing waaay down. But then we find out that Henry Wrinkler is the ever-loving high school principal, which kinda makes up for Skeet’s grossness. And Neve Campbell is simply a badass who definitely deserved this franchise. She kills it.

Wes Craven’s silly yet scary teenager-slaying whodunnit is nothing but ridiculous fun. He takes all the characters where they need to go in order for this formula to work. You can tell Craven had an absolute blast making the Scream movies which is why they’re so fun to watch. I’m not a crazy huge fan of them, but you can’t deny that Craven once again helped change the horror game with the original.