The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 ★★★★

HoopTober 13/32

Welcome to The Sawyer Family Carnival, serving fresh made award winning chili.

This movie is fucking insane and all sorts of twisted. The whole sawyer family is giving some of the most unhinged performances that I have ever seen. When leatherface is the most mentally stable member in the family you know crazy ass shit happens. It ends up having some weird nightmarish carnival vibes and this bizarre tone does actually work really well. I'm not convinced I don't like this one better than the original. I realize modern horror is firmly built on the foundation of the the 1974 classic, but this one is just so crazy and has so much personality. Like, instead of a small house filled with human made furniture, the Sawyers have upgraded to a complex tunnel system filled with human remains and christmas lights. I don't even understand how someone could even come up with this shit. Also that song at the start of the credits is hilariously out of place.

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