Spider-Man: Far from Home

Spider-Man: Far from Home ★★★★

Loved it, and liked it more than Homecoming. It's a lot of fun and does a great job with Peter Parker in this world where's he's back after five years of being snapped and without Tony Stark. It's also a lot of fun and just might be the funniest movie in the MCU. The action is also done way better than in Homecoming (which is one of its biggest weaknesses). I also feel that the scales of everything got bigger compared to Homecoming, but they were able to balance that while still keeping the movie light-hearted very well.

Tom Holland is just so perfect as Peter Parker and Spider-Man and he's easily my favourite version of him. He's just so lovable and I love how he can be awkward without coming across as a total nerd. I also liked that they went to Europe where he was struggling between trying to balance being Spider-Man and his own personal life where he just wants to enjoy being a teenager (in particular his feelings towards MJ). I was also so hyped to see Jake Gyllenhaal in the MCU, and he was so good here and didn't disappoint. There's also a lot of great supporting characters. Aunt May, Ned, MJ, Flash, Ned, Happy and Betty are all fun in this movie (the latter two being the biggest surprises to me. I've always liked Happy a bit but this is easily my favourite appearance from him). MJ has great chemistry with Peter, Ned and Betty are both fun and I like how they've changed Flash and he feels like a far more realistic bully-type of character than his past versions. I do feel that something I feel that's been overlooked in the MCU as of late is that their supporting casts have also improved a lot (especially from 2017 and on).

Visually, this film looks fantastic. There are a few scenes in particular that I loved and it was especially great seeing them in theater. A scene in Berlin I thought looked amazing and had a lot of great visual effects there. The costume of Mysterio also looked amazing and is probably my favourite look of any villain in the MCU. I was worried about how the Fishbowl would look, but they did it perfectly here. The battles also look cool, especially when they involve him and the Elementals that keep popping up.

I don't really have too many problems with it. I do like how they handled some things about how things changed once everything came back (I was worried they'd ignore that because everyone that got snapping suddenly appearing five years later would just be such a massive change on society in so many ways, even bigger than them getting snapped in the first place), but I do wish they explored even more into that, and I really hope that the Phase 4 movies explore more into it. There are also characters that head in routes that seem predictable if you know enough about the Spider-Man lore, but I also feel that they handled that well.

Far From Home was the perfect end to Phase 3 and the first post-Endgame movie. It also had an incredible mid-credits scene that got so many great reactions out of the theater, and it was done so well that it immediately makes you want to crave for more Spider-Man just as the movie finishes.

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