Stop Making Sense

Stop Making Sense ★★★★★

I have recently been informed via this tweet that I hold the Letterboxd (and potentially world) record for most times one has watched Stop Making Sense (1984) dir. Jonathan Demme in a single day, with my record being four viewings consecutively. 

So, three things:
1) I’m going to set aside a day in the near future where I do nothing but watch this movie, in hopes to up this number and defend my title until the day I die. 

2) You can all stop watching movies now, because nobody’s doing it like me 😤😤

3) I think I’ve finally decided what my favorite scene from this is, that being What a Day That Was. I know that there’s more energetic performances laced throughout, but the visuals that accompany the song give me chills every time I see it. That, and the chorus to this version of the track might actually be my favorite moment of any song ever. Still cannot believe that this is real. 

This film means the world to me.

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