Rosemary's Baby

Rosemary's Baby ★★★★★

Whoa this is great! I'd never seen it but I'm glad I held out until 6/6 (no I didn't intentionally do that)

Farrow is great but I think my favorite is the old lady who keeps brewing the teas and stuff. Proper NEW YORK grandma just trying to get an antichrist delivered. I think this movie still feels very topical today what with all the reproductive rights being such HOT TOPICS of debate still. What is this but one long struggle for Rosemary to find some agency apart from the OLD PEOPLE telling her what to do with her body?

Anyway it ratchets the tension fantastically, and it's actually more of a paranoid conspiracy movie than a supernatural horror. Once the secret is out, the movie goes FULL HAM but I didn't mind. Whereas I was on the edge of my seat minutes earlier, once these proper old biddies start shouting HAIL SATAN and "Awww get outta here withya GAWD he's DEDDD" the movie became wall-to-wall giggles.

Bonus lulz points for this movie's devil looking like a greasy Greek guy

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