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  • Mank




    big Taking Crazy Pills feelings from reading any marginally positive review of this.

    -oldman so, so, so, so bad. not charming in the least which is supposed to be the entire hook here (and so goyische? what the hell)
    -looks VERY not good! shot very badly! david what are you doing my man!
    -most of the supporting cast was pretty good! but in service of what? i could not tell you.

    what is the point of this movie! truly a big “who care” to this one.

  • Mystery Men

    Mystery Men


    obviously a ton of the humor from this 1999 comedy does not hold up HOWEVER the production design just absolutely rips and it’s so stupid and fun that if it came out today you freaks would be losing your MIND over it!!!! geoffrey rush doing something notably insane here.

    janeane garafolo unconscionably hot in this but that’s sort of irrelevant to my review and more just a flashpoint in my sexuality as a 14 year old that i thought everyone should know about

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  • The Trial of the Chicago 7

    The Trial of the Chicago 7


    more like aaron stinking!!!

    spends 75% of the movie making a compelling case for why the criminal justice system is unreformable and then carefully says “jk the SYSTEM is good, it just has bad people in it sometimes!” get wrecked idiot. direction of this is also a huge snoozefest!!

  • Cats



    ok this time (7 by my count) i noticed a cat i’ve never seen before and he’s almost in every scene. is hbo adding cats to fuck with me