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  • Pass Thru

    Pass Thru

    I don't know how to rate Neil Breen movies. This is so nonsensical and the effects are beyond ridiculous, but also, I appreciate the ambition. It's clear that he got himself a drone and a bunch of stock effects (Northern Lights, flames, disappearing, a tiger - I'm counting that as an effect)...none of the scenes seem to be from the same movie and Breen does his usual Breen-y speech. I just can't collect my thoughts coherently...

  • Warlock: The Armageddon

    Warlock: The Armageddon

    The special effects in this are WILD. It had a few good moments where I actually laughed out loud, but it was too gross and creepy (and not in a good horror movie kind of way)

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  • Night Shifts

    Night Shifts


    Great directorial debut from Finn Wolfhard. Short, funny, to the point.

  • Love, Marilyn

    Love, Marilyn


    The actor readings could have elevated this film, but they're done so pretentiously and melodramatically, that it completely ruins the film for me