Tenet ★★★★½

This is exactly what I was expecting. The plot is really cool and intricate, but to my surprise, not very hard to follow just as long as you pay attention, no checking twitter during this one. All of the acting is pretty good, John David Washington, Robert Pattinson, Elizabeth Debicki, and Kenneth Branagh, all jobs well done. The action was by far the highest point for me, the integration of the time inversion into the action leads to some unique feeling but extremely gripping set pieces, especially the beginning one and the end one. It has everything a Nolan movie typically does. Can’t help but mention the elephant in the theater which is the sound, it tampers the experience of the movie, it’s earrape in movie form. Sometimes, especially during action, or when music is in the background, you have no fucking clue what they’re saying, and to add to that some of them have non-American accents, and a lot of the times they’re wearing masks and a surprising amount of phone calls. Other than that it’s great. Audibly gasped multiple times after things came together from earlier to make sense later. Can’t wait to watch this again on blu-ray with subtitles

Edit: Failed to mention the score, although quite overbearing at points, Ludwig Gorranson’s score feels perfect for the film it’s in, it has all of the deep bwwwwaaaaaaahhhhh’s you’d expect from a Nolan movie score and also some new unique stuff. My early pick for score at the 2021 oscars.

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