Upgrade ★★★★

This is definitely a very flawed movie, but I still loved it. For everything it dose wrong it dose two things very very well. It works very well as a action movie, and as something deeper on the same vein as The Matrix. The action sequences were very effective because you honestly don’t know what to expect unlike most action movies these days with a conventional protagonist who just kills all the bad guys without blinking. My biggest complaint is that sometimes the dialogue is so cheesy it takes me out of the movie. Thankfully thus doesn't really happen at pivotal moments. Most of the acting in this movie was really only passable at best. 
I love the originality in this movie. We don’t really see things like this anymore. High concept independent sci-fi movies that aren’t sequels or reboots. I know you’ve probably heard this 100 times before but movies like this are very important for all independent movies. It’s movies like this that spawned the independent movie movement of the 90’s. Please, next time you go to the theatre to see the next big Marvel or DC movie consider watching something like this, and giving original artists some love. Show the studios that this is the type of movie we want to see more of.

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