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  • La Strada

    La Strada

    "Even you serve a purpose... with your ugly artichoke head."

    My second Fellini, and I'm now realising he was one of the most influential directors of drama in cinema... ever.
    Giulietta Masina gives a memorable performance in one of the two leading roles here, where facial expressions and body movements are really used to their fullest - one of the most noteworthy character embodiments I've seen recently. Anthony Quinn acts opposite her remarkably convincing innocence with a masculine, abusive and…

  • An Inn in Tokyo

    An Inn in Tokyo

    Nothing matches the warm feeling of sitting across from an Ozu silent film - at least not for me at this point in my life. They are important to me right now and even though this is technically the first film of his I've given a heart (though maybe that will change when I rewatch a couple, The Only Son especially) all his movies have the perfect feeling of emotional warmth and seem to be best experienced after a long…

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  • Ikiru


    "It's our human duty to enjoy life."

    My first Kurosawa has left me astounded. Ikiru - meaning 'To Live' - successfully crushes that ever-so-reputable challenge in making the audience think about life yet still remain as an artistic escape for them. It made me think about my future and my past, it made me think about family and friends, it made me think about you - it didn't once make me think about the year this was made; Ikiru never…

  • High Life

    High Life

    A psychadelic polygon. An ethereal deodarant spray.
    Cinema has adapted over time and each decade has brought something new, most notably the 70s for its crime stories and gangster obsessions or the 80s for the birth of outrageous science fiction - many would certainly say the definitive genre of current times is that of the superhero and while I think this to be true in the mainstream, I think this is also the time for the 'experience film'. It has…