That's when the movie changed from a great movie to a phenomenal one; that scene smuggled drugs into my system. I found myself uncontrollably laughing at dialogue that just wasn't funny and once Hae-mi glides her exposed arms through that sunset, I felt like I was spinning.

Everything about this movie is phenomenal and is currently at third place on my favourite movies of 2018. The cinematography and lighting is gorgeous yet teases you for more, the editing is spectacular, the score is remarkable, the script is pleasantly unique and the performances are brilliant (Steven Yeun gives one of the best supporting performances of the year).

I'm really annoyed at myself because this movie deserves a proper review but I've been sitting on it for three days now and I just cannot think of how to put this film into words...
...Also, the movie is deep into my mind and it won't leave. It feels as if I need to go all the way to Korea and burn down a greenhouse to shake off this damn movie.
But, it is a stunning study on masculinity (the people who call this films "misogynistic" completely missed the point) and an immersive, poetic experience that Hungkat captures brilliantly in his review.

"There is no right and wrong - just the morals of nature."

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