I Vitelloni

A fantastic examination of how young men's little bubbles can spawn narcissism and perpetrate harm to those around them.

In my view, this was surprisingly a very cold film; the belittlement of these five unemployed men grows more and more overt the closer the audience climbs to the conclusion - the 'leader' of these confused ravers in particular, Fausto, is absolutely a straight-up arsehole which Franco Fabrizi gives us through a brilliant performance.
Even lines that prop up here and there make me feel like I'm supposed to almost laugh at these people like objects - but it actually goes both ways because whenever a picture makes it seem like it's insulting its own characters, then that implies they are humane subjects with feelings - and so I've got nothing but praise for this script.

"Stop treating me like I'm 5. I'm 30."
This line just had to be in there, it just had to. Great stuff.

Very, very Scorsese. More Scorsese than half of Scorsese, and that took me by surprise - I have now seen him state Fellini as a key inspiration and naming this particular picture multiple times
- ah, I am reminded that the world of cinema is a beautiful little place where those within are unremittingly influencing one another and where the inspired and driven often later become the mentors, the fathers.

This was actually my very first Fellini, I anticipate marvellous things ahead. Loved the blocking and framing.

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