La Strada

"Even you serve a purpose... with your ugly artichoke head."

My second Fellini, and I'm now realising he was one of the most influential directors of drama in cinema... ever.
Giulietta Masina gives a memorable performance in one of the two leading roles here, where facial expressions and body movements are really used to their fullest - one of the most noteworthy character embodiments I've seen recently. Anthony Quinn acts opposite her remarkably convincing innocence with a masculine, abusive and more straight-faced performance, a "brute" too intimidated by the idea of acceptance - this performance also has no faults. They carry the dialogue scenes because Fellini was very clearly an amazing director of actors, but on top of this also flashes us some outstanding visual direction. His previous film, I Vitelloni, released just one year prior, was a very different movie in many ways and this versatility is what's most impressing with Fellini from a filmography point of view so far. Fantastic. Next up: Le notti di Cabiria.

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