The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse

"I would fuck it"

I don't know what to tell you, completely blind is how I went into it and I came out stunned...the way this builds and builds gradually, carefully and the insanity it leads to URGH - perhaps perfection in that final act, seriously.

The VVitch was director Robert Eggers's last (and first) film and many loved it, but I didn't. I rewatched it yesterday and uh, yeah, I guess I don't really understand its hype - Eggers's sophomore, however, is a lot less lacking than his debut...

A pair of performances haven't opposed each other this vigorously since Kidman and Cruise in Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut. Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson are extraordinary, actually flawless I would say and without a doubt one of the best pair of performances of the decade, but of all time too. I love how the 'showiness' of their portrayals alter too - Dafoe gets the shine near the start and then Pattinson gets all wild with his acting towards the end - they also had opposite approaches to their roles on set too (Dafoe more rehearsed and Pattinson more spontaneous) and I gotta say it clearly worked.
I also heard Robert Eggers say the fact there's no artificiality with the setting and almost all the weather too makes it a more believable film and I wholeheartedly agree with him. So believable you forget you are watching a black and white 35mm 1:19:1 aspect ratio, which by the way is phenomenal - It really is subtle but illuminous at the same time and the greyscale shots that just keep coming and coming one after the other are absolutely beautiful, it's a look that's so contrarious to movies right now and yet feels so appropriate for this story - returning DP Jarin Blaschke perfects Eggers's vision once again.

I say this with a straight face guys - The Lighthouse is different, hilarious, unnerving, filthy enough to wipe off your arse and totally strange enough to cater for the youth - it's some of the best 2019 has had to offer, for sure.

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