Skyfall ★★★★½

“With pleasure M, with pleasure.”
Skyfall is one of my favorite movies ever. If you don’t know, Bond is a very special character to me. Craig absolutely embodies the heck out of this role making him the best Bond in my opinion. Casino Royale is the peak of the franchise of films but this one is a very close second. The opening is probably my favorite of the series. Mendes just directs the heck out of this movie. The action is so vibrant and practical and his camera placements are just perfection. I mean when Bond gets shot it looks so realistic when he falls off that train. Bond obviously survives and he is basically just a beach bum. He uses his presumed passing as a chance to retire and his just drinking his days away. When MI6 is attacked he eventually comes back. Watching a washed up Bond training to get back into the field should not be as fun as it is. The idea sounds like it would suck but it’s honestly such a great part of the movie. What makes it so awesome is the fact that he fails the tests needed for him to get back out their but M allows him anyways. The Shanghai sequence is one of the beautiful fights ever filmed. Roger Deakins cinematography is some his best ever in this film and is honestly just showing off at this point if you have seen the movies he has done. The courthouse scene is still so intense just like the first time I saw it and is one of the best scenes in the film. Now when Bond takes M to his childhood home to protect her from Silva, that’s when this movie hits its weakest but still good part. It’s basically a more awesome home alone version with a great shootout. I just find the third act to not be as masterful as the first two even though I still really like it. The scene under the frozen lake is one of the highlights of the third act as it’s just so gorgeous. M’s death an impactful one for sure especially knowing how it will change MI6 forever but she went out on such a amazing film. I didn’t mention Bardem but he is fantastic in this although I will always prefer Mads from Casino. This is simply a banger 💯.

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