Lucas Hardwick

Lucas Hardwick

Favorite films

  • Blade Runner
  • The Thing
  • Alien
  • The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford

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  • The Haunting of Julia


  • Another Day, Another Man


  • Wild Guitar


Recent reviews

  • The Northman

    The Northman


    The classic vengeance story is about the simplest tale ever told. Johnny Cash’s rendition of “You Are My Sunshine” is also one of the most moving songs I’ve ever heard. My point is, there’s perfection in simplicity. a complicated plot does not a good movie make. And the ease of two musclemen duking it out with swords on top of a volcano is exactly how you want this movie to end. 

    I half expected this movie to fall into the…

  • American Rickshaw

    American Rickshaw


    Florida man and rickshaw champ restores immortal Chinese witch

    You’ve probably been so wrapped up in your own personal hell for so long, you never knew what kind of living hell existed for the vaguely homoerotic contemporary rickshaw driver subculture. Oh, you think you got problems, but you’ve never been suckered into sex tape voyeurism by a stripper who’s loosely connected to a preacher who happens to be secretly forming a Satanic cult and has a bloodlust for an immortal…

Popular reviews

  • Short Night of Glass Dolls

    Short Night of Glass Dolls


    Short Night of Glass Dolls’ is your one-stop-shop for Satanic giallo

    Quarantine Film Fest - “Short Night of Glass Dolls” (“La Corta Notte Delle Bambole di Vetro”), 1972, dir. Aldo Lado

    You’ve probably asked yourself, “Where can I find a story that features a group of Satan worshipping elders sucking the life-force from the bubbling post-Prague Spring youths of Eastern Europe in a political commentary under the guise of a giallo film as an American journalist is frozen inside his…

  • The Living Dead at Manchester Morgue

    The Living Dead at Manchester Morgue


    Radioactive hubris in the English countryside unleashes ‘The Living Dead at Manchester Morgue’

    The zombification of the human race isn’t going to arrive in the form of a relentless virus or a stupid shadow agency or some damned governmental mandate conspiracy theory to make us wear masks. Instead, our undead destiny lies in the fate of the pepper weevil and our irresponsible place at the top of the food chain.

    According to an article from the Canada Broadcasting Corporation, in…