i have a lot of positive reviews because i watch good movies

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  • North by Northwest
  • The Green Ray
  • Symbiopsychotaxiplasm: Take One
  • Old Joy

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  • Licorice Pizza


  • Two-Lane Blacktop


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  • Licorice Pizza


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  • Wild Strawberries

    Wild Strawberries

    i think if i were to have watched this any earlier in life, i would have found myself reliving an idolized fantasy of being young, taking rides from interesting strangers and being in a vaguely polygamous relationship,

    however on this cold crisp and beautiful sunday, i have somehow found myself understanding (or at least believing i understand) the thoughts and feelings of our protagonist. what that says about me in this moment i do not know, but i do know…

  • The Vanishing

    The Vanishing

    this is my 365th log this year! (not all of them are feature films but still pretty nice milestone)

    this movie was brutal. i loved it. one of the most terrifying films i’ve ever seen. next level. i don’t care for true crime
    by any means, but this really feels like the answer to an unsolved mystery. 

    i’m not one for remakes, especially because this one already has a pretty bad one, but imagine jesse plemons as raymond. tell me he wouldn’t be perfect for that role.

Recent reviews

  • Licorice Pizza

    Licorice Pizza


    nothing is truly at stake here, yet each character runs at full force towards every opportunity that shows its face. PSH shines through his son so frequently every time cooper is on screen it can make me tear up just thinking about it, with that said he's a brilliant performer on his own. Everyone is right about Alana Hain, she is very good. While it breaks my heart that PTA will probably never work with Robert Elswit ever again, it…

  • Two-Lane Blacktop

    Two-Lane Blacktop


    this is THE american movie in my mind. loved hearing john bailey talk about his experience as first AC on the movie. a dream to see it on 35mm

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  • The Beatles: Get Back

    The Beatles: Get Back

    PART 1

    john playing the harry lime theme is never something i thought i would have been able to experience but i’m so glad i was 

    george harrison has my whole heart. you can see so clearly his confidence in his own music. 

    the dramatic irony is so strong throughout everything, we know how the songs end up so watching and waiting for them to come up with something like “tucson arizona” for get back or decide to play on the rooftop leaves you at the edge of your seat waiting for them to get there

    could watch 100 hours of this

  • A Month of Single Frames

    A Month of Single Frames

    i want an artist residency