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  • Ulzana's Raid

    Ulzana's Raid

    Great lead performances, but for all it's violent evocations of big, complicated ideas, I can't help but feel that it says very little.

  • Us


    Messy to be sure, but all the more effective because of it.
    Begins with a series of stark, Carpenter-esque symbols that manage to sell foreboding in suggestive, inexplicable ways (my favourite example of this is when a red frisbee thrown at our lead character lands on top of a towel covered in blue circles. She picks it up, realising it has landed perfectly atop of one of these circles. Does this mean anything? Not really, but it works to signify…

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  • Hiroshima Mon Amour

    Hiroshima Mon Amour

    A horror movie in which memory is the killer and humanity is the victim.

  • Cars


    Sexiest movie ever made. Nothing more sensual than metal on metal, broom broom goes the engine baby and I'm revving for more. Gestural and sensual and everything cinema can and should be.