Annette ★½

Man, this was so incredibly unenjoyable. I found myself grasping to Driver’s performance in order to carry myself through the film. 

It’s just an absolute chaos, a fucking saturnalia of stylistic choices that brutally funnel into one bleak, amorphous image that bears no artistic direction. Maybe I just wasn’t able to keep up, but I feel like all the microscopic symbols that were supposed to carry the myth of this movie’s themes were stomped out by the almost tongue in cheek, opera adjacent musical numbers. The music was not good! The operatic style did not translate at all into this story.

I feel like most of my film experiences where I’m left feeling confused, I’m at least incensed with the directors style and idiosyncrasies; I’m at least interested in finding out the deeper message. But this was such a vapid rush of Carax’s will, I now just want to be far removed from the absolute burden of this story.

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