Rumble Fish ★★★★★


S.E Hinton's novel, The Outsiders has been my favorite novel for most of my life. Unfortunately I do think the film is decent at best. But the adaptation of Rumble Fish is fantastic. Francis Ford Coppola directed both films, but his direction here was phenomenal, and made the black and white look make it so good, that I couldn't imagine it being as effective in color somehow. It is always so crazy to see such a young Nicolas Cage and Mickey Rourke looking completely different, but they both do a fantastic job, and is even more crazy to remember that this film was before their careers really launched. What I really love about Rumble Fish, was the relationship between Rusty James and Motorcycle Boy. Both characters alone are very interesting characters who I never got bored of throughout the film, and by the time it reached its climax, it's one of the most memorable bonds from 2 brothers I've ever watched from a film. A wonderful adaption from S.E Hinton's novel, the best direction from Francis Ford Coppola since The Godfather & 2, and very awesome characters in Rusty James and Motorcycle Boy.

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