Tenet ★★★★


Christopher Nolan is one of my all time favorite directors, yet with his past few films, I always seem to underestimate them. Tenet was one of my most anticipated film releases this year, and I was always too afraid of going to the theater before they got shut back down where I live. I definitely regret not getting a full theater experience with Tenet. The film alone is great, but the visuals, camerawork and score were some of the most powerful of the past few years.

The IMAX camera use was phenomenal and I was mind blown by way too many sequences to count. It’s hard to describe the achievements they made with the effects along with it, but it’s some of the most creative sequences I’ve seen in a while, that only Christopher Nolan could do in a blockbuster film like this. I also have to give props with this being the most action packed film I’ve seen from him. Not that films like The Dark Knight or Inception didn’t, but the choreography was incredible, and gets even more impressive as the film goes on. The cast was also really good, especially John David Washington, further stating how much of a star he’s going to be for the next coming years. I also loved seeing Robert Pattinson do a film like this, and I always loved when his charisma was added into the mix. I also have to give a shout to Fiona Dourif. After watching the underrated Chucky sequels, it was awesome getting to see her in a big film like this. The only performance I’m still questioning on was Kenneth Branagh. He wasn’t bad or anything, but sometimes I thought they could’ve made a different choice. While I’ve mentioned the great action and cinematography, the score from Ludwig Goransson was amazing. Definitely the best score of 2020, and had me moving along with the music on more than one occasion. The story I made sure to know little about going in, and while it does go down some more complicated routes, I was able to draw myself in and at least understand enough the first viewing. It’s creative as hell, that goes down routes that could seem stale, but are so enthralling. Really was a breath of fresh air in so many sequences.

Tenet is another great piece from Nolan, that like many of his other films, I think will get better on repeat viewings. One of the most impressive films I’ve seen in a long time and it was just a REALLY COOL movie!

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