The Holy Mountain

The Holy Mountain ★★★★★

This might be one of the bests movie I've ever seen, just might. And yes is that good!!

Every single second of it is good and entertaining, I really can't find a single mistake in this movie.

It's beautiful, psychological, psychedelic, weird, funny, fucked up, this movie has everything. All of this only 1:53 long like what??

The soundtrack is like perfect, the visuals are incredible. My favorite part is of course when they show us the rest of the group, the pacing is amazing and the stories are even better, I liked every single one of them, but my favorite one must be Fon's from Venus.

I really loved this movie, and think I will be rewatching it my whole life.

My very first Jodorowsky, and I'll be obviously going to watch his other works.

The ending really had me, like really.

As Louise Weard said (which has an spectacular review on this movie) "The Holy Mountain is a perfect piece of cinematic art." And I agree with it totally.

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