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  • The 4th Man

    The 4th Man

    I've wondered why this movie shows up on horror lists rather than just being in the thriller category. Now that I've watched it, I get it. The frequently horrific visions and accusations of witchiness, as well as the great gross-out gore content, made it work for me this spooky season.

    From the first scene, it's clear that this movie is so not American. The directness about sex, an easiness about the bisexuality of the male lead, and the hallucinatory Catholic…

  • After Dark, My Sweet

    After Dark, My Sweet


    In a fit of needing to tear through a pulp novel or two, I read the Jim Thompson book on which this movie is based along with a couple other of his books. I actually read this one on a plane to Palm Springs, fitting as the setting is a little desert town in that area. I’ve seen a few movies now based on Jim Thompson books (The Grifters – made the same year, The Killer Inside Me), and they…

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  • Rouge



    Absolute commending diva star power from Anita Mui, and Leslie Cheung is hauntingly lovely. They both died so young that I can't help feeling a little wistful seeing them playing doomed young lovers.

  • Play It as It Lays

    Play It as It Lays


    “I know what 'nothing' means, and keep on playing.”

    Prior review here.

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  • Crimes of the Future

    Crimes of the Future


    My takeaway is that despite the gruesome details, this story is basically a standard noir story. It’s hard to know who to trust; characters lie and act hypocritically and in ways that are philosophically inconsistent. Viggo’s new organ-generating performance artist Saul Tenser is basically Philip Marlowe or Doc Sportello, floating through a world full of forces that he doesn’t totally comprehend, buffeted by parties who want to charm, trick and use him, unaware of the secret motivations that occasionally provoke…

  • Cruising



    The first time I saw Cruising was in the mid-90s. I’d probably read about it in a zine, which is where I learned about most of the weird shit I liked at the time. Luckily, the small video store I walked to most days had a surprisingly diverse selection, and it was no problem to bring home the grainy VHS copy and watch it in my basement lair. The film made a big impact on me. I’d never seen a…