Annette ★★★★½

A mystical and nightmarish theatrical production of corruption and the loss of one's innocence. It devotes itself to this idea of the falsity of human comforts, the falsity of life itself in a way. Love, childhood, entertainment. It's all a game, a giant stage production for the evils of humankind, the dark abyss to play with us like puppets. It slowly breaks down these facades until there's nothing left but the shattered remains of a broken world, a broken system, a broken society of people whose own self-indulgences inevitably destroy everything good and pure in this world. A brutal but utterly and emotionally true reality that echos in your brain long after the film has ended.

Perfectly acted, artistically invigorating, boundlessly imaginative, unrelentingly emotional, always striving for something new, "Annette" is a film that I didn't know I desperately needed in my life until now. For my own mental well-being, I'm so grateful it exists. We need more films like this.

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