Nomadland ★★★★

I spent a lot of my childhood on the road. My mom and I were always trying to go to cool places and do cool things together before I got too old to even care. I grew up around and visited a lot of the places that are actually in the movie. It may sound bias for that to be the reason why I like this movie a lot, but it's true. Some of my absolute favorite memories from my childhood were the nights I spent gazing up at the desert sky through a telescope while sitting around a campfire; the days I spent looking for cool rocks at national parks. It perfectly captured a part of my childhood that is very difficult to explain or fully understand. It's become a bit of a comfort movie in that way. The whole movie is about what home really means. And to have grown up in an environment just like this, that theme hits extra hard. It just hit me in the face with that kind of warmth you can only get from sitting around a campfire; the kind of togetherness that you can only get from meeting lovely folks along a dirt road; the kind of hominess and sense of belonging that you can only get if you've experienced that life. I completely understand the criticisms that people throw at this movie and I do think they're valid. But it's impossible to deny that it just makes me feel happy and... seen, in a way, I guess. You can call it subjectivity, you can call it bias, you can call it whatever you want. But I call it home.

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