American Honey

American Honey ★★★★½

Sasha Lane & LaBeouf were insane! Each and every performance was almost like watching a documentary series on the struggles of how to get by in life. I'm pretty sure LaBeouf wasn't completely acting though. He was too flawless. 

The use of music in the van scenes to & from work destinations were so insightful into the story itself. I thought they broke the 2 hours 40 minutes up, in a really swift way. Whist giving off a feeling of reflection about the day just past.

At first, I felt tense and unsure but I soon got swept away by the films fun and completely charming, atmospheric nature. Stunning angles and refreshingly crisp cinematography too featuring so many crazy pretty bouts of natural light in the frame!! 

Loveeeeeeeeeeeeed this!!!!

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