The Unobserved (1000 viewers or less)

Ive been planning to make this list for a while now. Films that you only really come across when 'browsing'. I like to look at similar titles to films I have enjoyed and like the style or vibe. I've found a lot of thess through Amazon Prime with their 'Customers Also Watched' tab in the not so updated app on my smart TV! I like to take advantage, I'm always on the lookout for new works of art. I'm quite drawn to dreamy, heart felt art house films that only a few people have seen. I like the fact they are hidden, it's exciting to me. 

I'm thinking titles that have been seen by 500 or less will qualify here....nah... Maybe 1000? That's more realistic right? 
 I haven't properly thought about it..... Please let me know your thoughts on the comments below - ALSO..... RECOMMENDATIONS are vital here too :D