Ready or Not

Ready or Not ★★★★★

my partner, who i've been with for six years and love his entire family like my own: when we do get married, i just want to let you know that my family isn't anything like this.

this isn't much of a review, but put samara weaving, adam brody and andie macdowell together in a film and it's an automatic five stars for me. i'm sorry that i haven't been as active on letterboxd as i'd like to be, the christmas holidays really give a new definition of "the busiest time of the year" when it comes to my massive family lmao. i hope everyone has had a fun and safe christmas/holidays and a happy new year in advance! 🎄💛

ps. daniel was the better man and deserved better.
pps. i couldn't stop thinking about how andie macdowell's high pony tail/hairstyle in general reminded me of the baby yoda dressed as nicki minaj meme.

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