Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi ★★★★★

this was better than i could have ever imagined, i will write more when i can gather my thoughts.

after my parents, my cat and my friends star wars means more to me than anything. it's what made me fall in love with film. when i first properly saw the original trilogy in december 2015, it made me think "this is what i want to do." i love these films more than i can describe. 
the last jedi was my most anticipated film of this year, and ever really. after the force awakens being so incredible i had very very high expectations for episode 8, and boy have they been exceeded. 
because i've been (and still am) ill, i couldn't see tlj on its opening day which gutted me. i saw a major spoiler which gutted me even more, but it didn't alter the amazing experience i had watching this. i also saw a handful of bad reviews which made me a little nervous and after watching it i can genuinely say that every bad review i've seen have been complete bollocks. people saying the humour was awful. people saying the writing was terrible. people saying the characters have been ruined. that is all bullshit. they're only saying that because the characters haven't done what THEY wanted them to do. in my opinion the writing was great and i literally laughed out loud at most of the humour, maybe i'm just simple. 
i genuinely loved everything about the last jedi, can i find myself saying that it's better than the force awakens which i didn't think i'd say. i love you rian johnson, thank you. 

rip carrie, i miss you more than words can describe. 

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