Suspiria ★★★★½

i didn’t rewatch the whole thing but i still wanted to log it because i forgot how incredible this film is. i’m working on a screenplay right now and decided to read the script and rewatch a few parts of this. i still can’t put my finger on exactly why i think this film works so well. i’m aware that it’s flawed, it’s indulgent, it’s long. but it also does exactly what it set out to do, in my opinion. it’s one of the very few films that have actually repulsed me but... in a good way? if that’s a thing. also i am not a fan of the original at all so i wasn’t even really comparing this to it at all. i wanna talk about how outstanding dakota johnson is too. before watching this i was never really a fan of her but this turned me around completely. and that last act is one of the most insane, horrific, incredible things i’ve ever seen on screen. i feel like i’m not being very cohesive here but basically i just think this is such a beautiful and layered film and deserves to be a future classic.

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