The Northman

The Northman

“I will avenge you, Father! I will save you, Mother! I will kill you, Fjölnir!”

This movie proves critics just haven’t got a clue. The Northman has a pretty basic plot, but it’s stuffed with ridiculous dialogue, cringey scenes, and just about anything to try and get a shock from the audience. At times this movie looks incredible, but it’s messy. And it fails to flow nicely and tie things together. And it’s a damn shame because I’m a huge fan of Vikings story’s. Just stick with the television series like Vikings, and The Last Kingdom if you enjoy this kind of stuff. 

                             Fun Movie Trivia: 

After shooting wrapped, several of the actors received gifts from the set. Nicole Kidman received a sword. Willem Dafoe received a real-life longship. Björk received three horses. Alexander Skarsgård received the blood-stained thong he wore for a week while shooting the final scene of the film, in a frame.

The Sorcerer holds onto a preserved human head. According to myth, Odin was a student of Mimir. When Mimir was decapitated by Odin's rival gods, Odin pickled Mimir's decapitated head and reanimated it with magic so Mimir could continue to teach him.

Director Robert Eggers worked with historians and did meticulous research into the period, to make sets, costumes and props as authentic as possible, while also going back to a period before Christianity influenced Viking culture. Professor Neil Price, archaeologist at Uppsala University in Sweden who worked on the movie, later stated that "the Northman might be the most accurate Viking movie ever made." Eggers did admit that there were few historic references for Amleth's initiation ritual, making it "probably the most fictional ritual in the movie."

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